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Cycle Repairs and Maintenance.

Jim at work repairing a bicycle.

I offer a range of services to cyclists.  From access to spares, advice and fitting of accessories to curing your bike of most ills, there's a lot on offer.  Home visits can be arranged in the Port Ellen area.  Regular servicing keeps your bike running smoothly and may save you money on major repairs in the long term.

Service Packages:

Gear Service £25.00
Full bike inspection
Gear cables checked for wear and corrosion
Chain and dérailleurs cleaned
Chain replacement if needed (excluding cost of chain)
Cable replacement (excluding cost of cables)
Gears fully re-tuned
Brake Service £20.00
Full bike inspection
Brake cables checked for stretch, wear and corrosion
Pads checked and replaced if needed (excluding cost of pads)
Rotors straightened
Brake set adjustment and alignment
System bled and topped up with brake fluid (disc brakes)
Wheel Service £30.00
Full inspection and report
Wheels cleaned
Hubs stripped and bearings checked, greased or replaced
Broken spokes replaced (excluding cost of spokes)
Tyres checked and replaced if needed (excluding cost of tyres)
Special Packages:
Gear and brake service: £40.00
Gear, Brake and wheel service: £60.00
Jim at work repairing a bicycle.

Other services

Other example single job labour charges:
Tyre replacement: £5 (free if you buy tyre from us)
Puncture repair: £5
Cassette replacement: £15
Chain replacement: £5
Wheel true: £15
Assembly of bike bought elsewhere: £30 (free for bikes bought from us)
Full bike build: £50

Cycling is a good way to fitness and health.  Make sure your bike keeps going too!  Above all, keep safe; observe the Highway Code at all times and enjoy the wonderful sights of Islay.

If I've been able to help and you appreciate the service, then please add a review to Trip Advisor or my Google Plus page.  Thank you.