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Meet the Fleet!

We have a wide range of bikes in different sizes to suit everyone, whether casual or serious cyclists.

Select a small image to see a larger version.  Not all bikes are illustrated.

Raleigh Air 200 racing bike.
Premium: Raleigh Air 200.
Genesis Aether racing bike.
Premium: Genesis Aether.
Genesis racing bike.
Premium: Genesis.
Kinesis racing bike.
Premium: Hand-built with Kinesis Crosslight frame.
Raleigh Gran Sport racing bike.
Premium: Raleigh Gran Sport.
Raleigh Revenio 2 racing bike
Premium: Raleigh Revenio 2.
Raleigh Centros
Premium: Raleigh Centros.
Raleigh Gran Tour racing bike.
Premium: Raleigh Gran Tour.
Raleigh Criterium road bike
Premium: Raleigh Criterium.
Raleigh Clubman road bike
Premium: Raleigh Clubman.
Diamondback Peak mountain bike
Premium: Diamondback Peak.
Diamondback Apex
Premium: Diamondback Apex.
Raleigh Strada 2
Standard: Raleigh Strada 2.
Raleigh Strada 3
Standard: Raleigh Strada 3.
Raleigh Strada 4
Standard: Raleigh Strada 4.
Raleigh Strada 6
Standard: Raleigh Strada 6.
Revolution Courier hybrid.
Standard: Revolution Courier (upgraded).
Raleigh Royal
Standard: Raleigh Royal.
Raleigh Sojourn
Standard: Raleigh Sojourn.
Tifosi Classico touring bike
Standard: Tifosi Classico.
Raleigh Pioneer 1
Standard: Raleigh Pioneer 1.
Raleigh Pioneer 2
Standard: Raleigh Pioneer 2.
Raleigh Misceo 1
Standard: Raleigh Misceo 1.
Diamondback Scree  mountain bike
Standard: Diamondback Scree.
Raleigh Pioneer Trail
Standard: Raleigh Pioneer Trail (ladies' frame).
Raleigh Ladies' Pioneer 1
Standard: Raleigh Pioneer 1 (ladies' frame).
Raleigh Ladies' steel frame
Standard: Raleigh ladies' steel frame; hand-built.
Viking Tarantino tandem
Standard: Viking Tarantino Tandem.
Raleigh Captus
Raleigh Captus power-assist bike - affectionately nicknamed "Vital Spark"!
Diamondback Hyrax child's bike
Diamondback Hyrax 16-inch wheel size; suitable for ages 4+.
Diamondback Remix child's BMX bike
Diamondback Remix 18-inch wheel size BMX bike; suitable for ages 5+.
Diamondback Hyrax child's bike
Diamondback Hyrax 20-inch wheel size; suitable for ages 5+.
Raleigh Performance child's bike
Raleigh Performance 24-inch wheel size; suitable for ages 8+.
Raleigh Eva child's bike
Raleigh Eva 24-inch wheel size; suitable for ages 8+.
Child's 'tag-along' adapter.
Convert an adult bike to an adult-and-child "tandem".  Rear safety flag included.
Front-mounted child seat.
Front-mounted seat can be used with any adult bike.
Burley Bee child trailer.
Trailer for one or two passengers; maximum load 45kg (100lb).  Rear safety flag included.
Interior of Burleigh Bee trailer
Trailer has padded seats and secure padded harnesses.
Burley Nomad luggage trailer with rucksacks and tent
Large capacity luggage trailer with optional interior partition.  Maximum load 45kg (100lb).)
Nomad trailer with cover in place
Trailer has tough waterproof cover, and low profile for stability.  Rear safety flag included.